Muscle Diary 101

Muscle Diary 101

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Day 2 7 March 2016

This was my workout from 2 days ago. Again from memory. I'd feel like such a clutch walking around the gym with a notepad recording everything I do.

3 x 12 Bench Press working up to 35kg

3 x 12 Bent Over Row working up to 35kg

3 x 12 Squats working up to 30kg (I still don't like the feel of the machine. I'd rather do these with free weights)

3 x 12 Barbell Shoulder Press with 4kg!! (heavy bar ;-)

3 x 12 Tricep Press Down working up to 8kg

3 x 12 Barbell Curl working up to 20kg

3 x 15 Calf Raises Wotking up to 80 pounds

3 x 15 Hanging Leg Raises

In some exercises I didn't do 12 reps for the final set but the above it a general guide to the workout I did.

I recently discovered Eleanora Dobrinina who will be competing in her first IFBB competition in around 2 1/2 months.

Here is a video of Eleanora working out:

Also I really should take a few photos of myself so that I can compare the period from when I first started (now) to a later period.

We'll see!!

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