Muscle Diary 101

Muscle Diary 101

Friday, 18 March 2016

Day 7 March 18

I love Friday's as I know that I have two whole days to recover after my workout. Therefore it's time to go hard and cut the rests between sets a little bit. Here is today's workout:


15 x 12.5kg (each dumbell)
3 sets of 15 x 20kg (each dumbell)

Bench Press

22 x 10kg
15 x 20kg
15 x 35kg
9 x 40kg


3 sets of 6,5,4 (feeling stronger on the chins but only 2nd time I have done them)

Seated Dumbell Press

15 x 7.5kg (per dumbell)
12 x 9kg
12 x 10kg

Dumbell Curls

10 x 12.5kg
8 x 12.5kg
10 x 12.5kg

The extra 2 reps in the last set came as I was talking to someone so recovery was a bit longer than normal


3 sets of 6, 5 & 7

Feeling stronger on the dips and again 2nd time I have done them but the form is better. 7 reps last set as I was talking during recovery again. The guy on dips before me did 4 x 8 reps. I'll be there soon!!!

Leg Raises

3 x 15

I had a few minutes spare so I did 2 sets of light deadlifts.


2 x 10 @ 20kg

So it was a nice workout overall. Now I am deciding whether I should buy more protein shake or stick to my own homemade shakes.

What do you think should I buy more protein supplement or go old school and make homemade protein shakes?

Here's a deadlift vid:

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