Muscle Diary 101

Muscle Diary 101

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Day 6 March 16

I did it! I took a pen and paper to the gym and wrote down my sets and reps. You know it's actually something that I don't mind doing.

I also weighed myself and came in at 90.90kg or spot on 200lbs (according to a google calculator that I just used!). The goal is to add lean muscle and therefore also weight. We'll see how we are next month.

So my programme today was marred by the fact that many weights were missing from the gym for some reason. Whether it was for cleaning I don't know but I hope that they'll be back on Friday.

So my programme:


15 x 30kg (too light) (total dumbell weight)
12 x 40kg (too light)
20 x 40kg

The squats were done with dumbells as the squat rack was busy.

Bench Press

12 x 30kg
10 x 35kg
8 x 40kg

I think that these weights were ideal for me (but hopefully that won't last too long ;-)

Chin Ups

3 sets consisting of 5, 6 and 5 reps.

Talk about tough. I didnt straighten out my arms when hanging but hopefully that will come.

Seated Dumbell Press

12 x 7.5kg (per dumbell)
15 x 7.5kg
15 x 7.5kg

There were no 10kg dumbells on the rack so I just did the set with the 7.5kg weights.

Barbell Curls

12 x 10kg
8 x 15kg
7 x 15kg

Ha ha what a shock to the system as I was used to doing curls with 10kg or 12.5kg dumbells. I guess it goes to show that the actual barbell weighs a bit.


3 sets consisting of 6 ,6 and 5 reps.

Talk about hard. I am sure that my form wasn't good. In fact I was shaking like a wet dog at the end of the sets. This is one exercise that I really want to improve. Good upper body strength is needed. Bring it on!!

Leg Raises

3 x 15

The whole routine took me just over an hour even though I thought my session would be shorter due to the dips and chins which didn't take as long as a usual bent over rowing set for example.

Anyhow I am pleased with today and the fact that I have set some goals to beat.

Now for a bit of inspiration let's pick.....Dorian Yates!

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